modern furniture

and cabinets, designed

and handcrafted to

be remarkable

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The experience is sweeter when a Paul Rene is in the room.

Home is surrounded by loved ones and expressive custom furniture that inspire and evoke fond feelings.

Remarkable. Our custom designs reflect your thoughts and ideas and therefore speak for you and your values.

Paul Rene eliminates purchasing mistakes, ensuring style, scale, material, color, and functionality are exact.


OUR MISSION: create livable wage manufacturing jobs in our community.



Coincidence or providence?

Pumping gas on May 2, 2019, when a brother just released after 5 years in prison, asks for $25 to buy a shirt for a job interview and a hotel room to shower. My mood was unpleasant so I was trying to ignore him. However, he kept on and soon I became empathetic. Attempting to inspire hope,


Politely, we do not work with everyone – only those with refined tastes for meaningful design, fine art and culture.

No walk-ins, please. The process starts in your home.